Toast with Jam                                             6

Organic Raisin Toast                                          6

Banana Bread                                                    6 

Yoghurt & Berries                                            10

Bircher Muesli w/                                             12
yoghurt & toasted macadamias        

Bacon & Egg Roll                                             11
Panini Roll with house BBQ                  

Eggs on Toast                                                  12.5

Arabian Eggs                                                   16
poached eggs on sourdough
with burnt fig jam, spiced yoghurt,
garlic lemon mint butter

Green Eggs                                                     16
poached eggs on sourdough
with basil, salsa of fresh tomato
and wilted spinach

Chorizo Sausage on sourdough                 17

with chilli & coriander scrambled eggs  

Eggs Benedict                                                18
on panini roll with
hollandaise & baby spinach

with double smoked ham +3.5   /  
with bacon
+3.5  /  
with smoked salmon

Grilled Haloumi & Smashed Avocado       17.5  with cherry tomatoes on sourdough         

Open Omelette                                            18

with sauteed potato, tomato,

capsicum, cheese topped with

rocket & basil dressing

French Toast                                                              18

with compote of mixed berries, caramelised

banana, shaved almonds and yoghurt

Hotcakes                                                                    18

with mascarpone & Canadian maple syrup

Veggie Plate                                                     20

with avocado, field mushrooms,

spiced beans, asparagus,
wilted spinach and quinoa tomato salsa

rocket salad with sourdough    

Brekkie Plate                                                    21

eggs, bacon, chipolatas, hash brown,

mushrooms, grilled tomato,
spiced beans with sourdough


Breakfast Add-Ons

Smoked Salmon / Bacon / Chipolatas / Chorizo,  4.5

Ham / Avocado / Haloumi

Egg  Grilled Tomato / Mushrooms / Hash Brown  3.5

Spinach / Spiced Beans